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  • Am I eligible for a Promo Only Canada subscription?

    If you're a Canadian professional DJ (club, radio, special events or mobile), a radio station, a restaurant/bar, or venue that can provide public play in Canada for the artists and labels we represent, you’ll qualify for our promotional releases.

  • Is Promo Only licensed to distribute music and music video in Canada?

    Yes, absolutely, and we have been since 1997! We are a CONNECT Music Licensing (formerly AVLA) licensed Music Supply Service (MSS). This means all the music and music video you get from us comes licensed from the labels for your use in public venues. And when you use music and video from us, no additional CONNECT license is required!

  • What’s the difference between the songs I receive from POOL and what I buy can on iTunes, etc.?

    Apple, Amazon and the alike offer music products to the general public which are licensed for personal use only. This means you can’t take a song you bought on iTunes and play it at your event without requiring an additional license from CONNECT. Our products are for professional use only, not available to the general public, and are licensed specifically for performance in public venues in Canada.

  • Do your download plans include access to past releases?

    When you first sign up to POOL Audio or POOL Video, you’ll receive access to the last 3 months of releases. If you are looking for releases from further back than that, you’ll need to Contact Us. Back issues may be available.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We honor Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

  • Are there any start-up costs?

    There are no additional costs to opening a POOL account: Pick a plan. Pay for the plan. Done.

  • On what date will I be billed again?

    Your POOL plan will auto-renew monthly on the first of each month.

  • How does the monthly billing cycle work?

    We run our monthly billing cycle ahead one month to best ensure you don’t lose access to releases if there’s a problem processing your payment. So, payments taken on the 1st of the month get you access to releases through the end of the following month.

    Here’s an example: let’s say you sign up to POOL Audio on July 20th and pay $20 that day. That $20 is for your August releases, so you’ll receive content until August 31st. As a new subscriber, you’re given complimentary access to the last 3 months of releases (May, June and July in this case). On August 1st, the first monthly payment will be made. That August 1st payment applies to September releases, getting you content until September 30th, and so on.

    We do it like this so if there’s trouble processing a monthly payment, we have a month to figure that out with you before you stop receiving releases. We know you rely on access to new music, so we’ve found this is the best way to ensure uninterrupted access to POOL.

  • How can I update my credit card information?

    using your email address and customer password.

    Go to My Account on the top right under your name. From that page's menu, click on Billing.

  • How can I cancel my monthly billing?

    using your email address and customer password.

    Go to My Account on the top right under your name. Your active monthly subscriptions appear on that page with the option to cancel.

    Note: You will continue to receive all music for any subscriptions you have already paid for through the end of the month. You will keep all music you have already paid for. It's yours.

  • Can I renew a cancelled subscription?

    Sure! Just and resubscribe. If you recently cancelled, your My Account page will have easy options to renew.


  • I never received the invitation email I need to use my POOL subscription …

    If you didn’t receive your POOL invitation email (or can’t find it in your spam folder) contact us at We’ll double-check your email address and have a new invitation on the way right away!

  • I need to reset my password …

    Open POOL and hit the



    start a live chat by clicking on Live chat button here or at the top left of this page


    give us a call at +1 (403) 226-6445 and consider it done.

  • My downloads are really slow …

    Try checking your download speed at Anything under 10 mbps may cause an issue as POOL needs a strong connection to function properly. Certain antivirus programs may also keep our servers from connecting and downloading properly. You can easily solve this by creating an exception in your antivirus program for POOL, or by simply turning off real time scanning while you download.

  • My hard drive crashed and all my music is gone …

    Gone but not forgotten. Lose a file, a folder or your entire POOL collection and we can make it available to download again with a quick email to

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